A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Bryony

2015 Mare   Born April 22, 2015

This is one of the most high-headed and "show-offy" fillies we've had in a while.
She will be slightly taller as both her Mother and Father are about 15 hands each.
Her Dad, A Wizards Spell Kensington, was Reserve Grand Champion at
Gypsy Horse World Show.
And her Mother, well, no words.......see photo far below.
So we know where she gets it from  :)


(  December 12, 2017 she measured 14.1 hands, 57"  )

Winter Wooly - no bath pictures - taken 12-12-17
She has that fabulous white above her one eye......looks SO very cool !

And white eyelashes on this one side.  She is stunning !

She knows every obstacle. trailer, farrier, etc....and loves to do it all.

Over the jumps picking up her feet, spin in a box, backup L, on the pedestal, kick the ball....all good.


Learning trick training December 22, 2016....dirty, happy mess but SO SO smart.

She learned the word "cap" today.  Touch it when you hear the word.  Good job.

 Younger pictures
Oh, the head and neck on this filly...phew.....
Those gorgeous white eyelashes and the white over one eye......VERY striking.
Everybody likes their trail/obstacle work.
She's BLACK BLACK but her winter coat is coming in. 
Gypsies look cool in their winter coats. 
Someone once said they look like they are wearing "footy pajamas."

We finance and teach all you need to know.   And accept credit cards.

Baby pics below

Just WOW !!

Newborn pictures here...............
Love Love Love her Mother !

Five days old and playing outside.........
And....water trained on May 5 when the storm dumped so much rain it RAN through the pastures.
She's not only not afraid, she loves it.

Mom was also chosen to be a part of an art production from a European artist.
That posting drew over 500+ Facebook " likes"

Dad, A Wizards Spell Kensington, was Reserve Grand Champion at Gypsy Horse World Show.
Another example of the amazing horses at this ranch and their many accolades.
This baby should be on the same winning path.



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