A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Cerelia
2015 Filly

First baby of the year.  A wonderful filly joined us March 30, 2015.
This gorgeous STUNNING blue eyed filly is daughter of A Wizards Spell Toppie Torrie (Mom)
and A Wizards Spell Worthington (Dad)
two blue eyes.
Gypsy Horse World Show Top Producing Stallion in the World under all judges !
No wonder she is so amazing !

SO much mane and feather at this young age !
All Gypsies here are trail/obstacle trained from birth.
They love the "games" and it makes them quiet, calm horses as they grow.

 STUNNING two blue eyes.

Up on the pedestal with two feet and all fours.

Younger photos.....

Oh those amazing gorgeous eyes !

Her tail, feather, and bottom of her belly are still wet.

We finance and teach all you need to know.   And accept credit cards.

Three weeks old and already loads with Mom.
She is BLACK and white under that "baby wrapper" coat.


She is as smart as can be....but kind of a pain in the butt
because as first baby she was spoiled rotten by me.
I get NO work done because she is always following me around and poking me with her nose.
This is one FRIENDLY baby !

She's part of our Veteran Therapy Program....so super sweet and gentle.

Cerelia Baby Baby Pictures HERE

Mom is HEAVY FEATHER and tail and LONG mane.

You can see both parents here of course as we have a very closed breeding environment.
NO outside horses.

Dad, A Wizards Spell Worthington, is World Show Champion !


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