A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Jaunty
2015 Filly
Oh, talk about BREATH TAKING........Gorgeous filly Jaunty arrived May 8, 2015
born to A Wizards Spell Miss Cumbria and A Wizards Spell Kensington.
BOTH parents were Gypsy Horse World Show Champion WINNERS.
This amazing filly got that loud pattern from her Mother
 ( I paid extra for Mom in England hoping she might throw it, and she does)
and it is VERY RARE to find a Gypsy Horse with a "dishy head".......
This filly HAS IT ALL  and will turn the judge's heads for sure.

She really should ONLY go to a SHOW home
or somewhere where she will be taken out in public and shown off.

Dec. 22 - trick training time.
Toda she learned the word "cap" and to touch it when she hears it.
Then some liberty time in the back yard.
Yes, even dirty.......OH....this amazing filly !


Definitely one of our LOUDEST fillies !
And OH ...that dishy head !

All horses here learn trail / obstacle from birth.
The games are fun and make them fabulous future trail horses.

LOUD LOUD color and unbelieveable feather on such a young horse.
It can only get better as she matures.

Happy pedestal work.
Oh, the color !!

We finance and teach all you need to know.   And accept credit cards.

She is BLACK BLACK and white.  That is her "baby wrapper coat" that is greyish.
BIG hair Mom....teaching Jaunty about going over a jump....already.

Dad, A Wizards Spell Kensington, was Reserve Grand Champion at Gypsy Horse World Show.
Another example of the amazing horses at this ranch and their many accolades.
This baby should be on the same winning path.



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