A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Lacey
2016 Filly

This stunning striking colored filly was born 5-12-16
to A Wizards Spell Cumbria (Mom)
and A Wizards Spell Worthington (Dad)..Gypsy Horse World Show Champion.

Lacey gets her LOUD color pattern from her Mother
and her intense feather, mane, tail from both parents.

She is BLACK BLACK but her winter coat is coming in looking brownish.

Sweet nice face.
All the babies are doing trail obstacle work and loving learning.
Quiet, calm, cooperative babies.....always happy to do things with us.
Only five months old !!

Pictures from 8-22-16

We finance and teach all you need to know.   And accept credit cards.

Trailer loading too at only four months old.

Baby pics.

Dad, A Wizards Spell Worthington, is Gypsy Horse World Show Champion !


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