A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Monty
2016 Gelding

This gorgeous gelding was born 4-16-16 to A Wizards Spell Toppie Torrie (Mom)
and A Wizards Spell Worthington (Dad)..Gypsy Horse World Show Champion.
This stunning boy gets his
TWO STUNNING BLUE EYES from both of his parents.

Sweet, wonderful, tolerant Monty. Pictures from 10-19-17
I just imported my Mini Gypsy stallion from Ireland
 and decided a good playmate for him would be Monty.
Oh, sweet Monty.
This little stud just picked on him constantly.
But Monty gave it back to him... in a fun way :)
Silly boys !


Younger pictures

Oh, this boy's stunningly striking face !

As with all of our horses, the babies begin their trail/obstacle work immediately after birth.
This gives you drop dead quiet horses in your future.

Trailer loading with Mom from a baby.

Baby pics with big hair Mom.



We finance and teach all you need to know.   And accept credit cards.

Dad, A Wizards Spell Worthington, is Gypsy Horse World Show Champion !


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