A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Monty
2016 Colt to be gelded

This gorgeous colt (to be gelded) was born 4-16-16 to A Wizards Spell Toppie Torrie (Mom)
and A Wizards Spell Worthington (Dad)..Gypsy Horse World Show Champion.
This stunning boy gets his
TWO STUNNING BLUE EYES from both of his parents.

Oh, this boy's stunningly striking face !

As with all of our horses, the babies begin their trail/obstacle work immediately after birth.
This gives you drop dead quiet horses in your future.

Trailer loading with Mom.

Baby pics with big hair Mom.



We finance and teach all you need to know.   And accept credit cards.

Dad, A Wizards Spell Worthington, is Gypsy Horse World Show Champion !


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