2017 Foals


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Yes, they are all exposed to EVERYTHING and desensitized right away from birth.
From trailer loading to ball playing to wheel chairs to early saddle training.



Here they are individually.
All are For Sale to the right homes.

A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Tansy
First born of the year to A Wizards Spell Azure IZ (Mom)
 and A Wizards Spell Worthington (Dad) on 4-25-17.
An amazing filly !


A Wizards Spell Winstons Bentley
Born 5-2-17 to A Wizards Spell Miss Felicity (Mom)
and A Wizards Spell Sir Winston (Dad).
Show bound Colt for sure.

Full brother to multiple World Show and Dressage and Driving Champions.
Bentley's full brother, Adair.

A Wizards Spell Winstons Rogan
Born 5-3-17 to A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Chelsea  (Mom)
and A Wizards Spell Sir Winston (Dad).
Stunning and insanely friendly Bay Pinto Colt.
Mom was born here and she is SO fabulous we kept her.
Chelsea -- Mom of Rogan

A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Mystery
Born 5-7-17 to A Wizards Spell Wilemina  (Mom)
and A Wizards Spell Kensington (Dad).
STRIKING black filly with two white back legs and two black front legs.
When she sheds her baby coat you will see how STUNNING she will look  !
Wilemina - Mom of Mystery

A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Payton
Born 5-8-17 to A Wizards Spell Tazmania  (Mom)
and A Wizards Spell Worthington (Dad).
Gorgeous Flashy Colt sweet as can be.

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