Christmas 2008

  ** Some Silliness and Some Seriousness **

Tractor Supply event for food, clothing, funds gathering for local charities

Trainer David from England, Gypsy Trevor, Santa, Cutie Elf, Gypsy Lancelot, Ranch Owner Linda

Trainer David and silly faced Lance.
Can't you just see Lance saying
"Oh, scratch me right there."

Instructions given to Santa and Cutie Elf.

Gail Finger, our way fun artist and illustrator friend

Add one more hysterical elf, Merrilee.
Actually the TSC coordinator of this event for
Manna Store House.  Thanks Merrilee.

Kids having fun feeding Santa's Gypsy Horses
that helped deliver the toys when the reindeer
got too tired.

"Hey Trevor, don't mess with the elf's hair."

Trainer and Owner with Attitude      :)

Trevor and Linda

The End


And seriously, what holiday would not be complete without great legs.
.............oh, and on Colleen too.   :)

Colleen, a happy new owner of two A Wizards Spell 2008 foals.
From left, Paxton, Colleen, and Rafferty

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