Beginning Color Testing Help
for my Ireland and UK Friends.

Why Test ?   

I ALWAYS breed for conformation.
Never breed for color over conformation.

That said, what if you want a Palomino foal,
 or Tobiano Pinto instead of a solid,
or sorrel over black or vice versa.

Think this way, if you mix a can of blue paint with yellow paint
it will ALWAYS be green.
If you mix blue with red,
it will ALWAYS be purple.

The same works with horse colors,
you just can't see it so you have to test to
know what genes your horse carries.

It is easy and inexpensive.

And thank you, James Slim O'Brien
for letting me use your color test as an example.

You can look at the letters across the top and then look down to the description below.
In THIS case (Of James' horse, Snowwhite)
As far as BLACK/RED factor,
you can see she is Heterozygous for BLACK....She carries a black gene
but also carries a recessive (think lesser), copy of the RED gene.

As far as Agouti (see below for definition)
she is a non-Agouti.

As far as Cream DIllution (see definition below)
she does not carry the Cream Dillution gene.

There is too much information regarding color testing to go into detail here. 
This is meant to be a beginning place and where to find the source of more information.

Don't get freaked out reading the terminology below.  
I will explain here in VERY simplistic terms.
You can get very far into studying percentages of colors, etc.,
but that isn't where we are going with this VERY BASIC description to help you read your color results.
here will be those who will try to expand upon this information,
but please remember, this is just a BEGINNING place to start.

First, you must go to the color testing website (shown below)
and print their form for exactly what you want to test this case, we are talking about testing for COLOR.

You will PULL s few mane hairs ( NOT cut )
so that the DNA on the very end of the bulb of the hair is there.
  If you cut it doesn't work. Don't touch the end of the hair.
Attached it to the form as indicated by their instructions of how to submit.

You can also call your color testing company
 or go to their website to learn much more detailed info.
They will help you.
For Ireland and UK....

Click the button that says EQUINE at the top of their page
.........every color pattern they test for is explained there. 
Red/Black Factor - Agouti - Cream Dilution - and Tobiano for pinto coloring
   +44 1726 247 788 

 In the US we use



An allele is an alternative form of a gene
(one member of a pair) that is located at a specific position
on a specific chromosome.
These DNA codings determine distinct traits
that can be passed form parents to offpsirng
through reproduction.

Homozygous bred to Homozygous will always produce a Homozygous need to test.

Carrying two DIFFERENT genes.

Black and Red Factor
 Black is dominant over Red.  Base colors are black, bay, or red.

A dominant gene affecting black. Creates a Bay by modifying Black pigment.

Cream Dilution
This affects both red and black pigment making lighter coat colors
 such as Buckskin, Cremello, Palomino.
Bays bred to Homozygous Cremello will have Buckskin.
Sorrel bred to Homozygous Cremello will have Palomino.

A Homozygous Tobiano's offspring will always be a Tobiano pinto colored foal.
(This is the color pattern of Gypsy Cobs.)

You will see one of my Stallions, A Wizards Spell Sir Winston
as the photo on the color testing website.
He is TOBIANO pinto colored.

If two copies of the gene are passed to the foal, the foal can suffer Lethal White condition.

( Not pertinent to the Mini Gypsy Cobs as there is no Overo gene in this breed that anyone has seen. )

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