Houston Stock Show
Texas Agri Summit - March 5

An exceptional and historical opportunity was presented to the Gypsy Horses of A Wizards Spell Ranch. 
The Houston Stock Show invites International VIPs to the Texas AgriSummit at the historic George Ranch in Richmond, Texas.

This event draws 300-400 international visitors from Latin and South America as well as throughout Europe.
Attendees are invited to learn about Texas cattle and how to select the best and perhaps expand or improve their herds
with Texas bloodlines.

Additionally, the attendees come to be entertained and educated about the horses too.
Our breed was SUCH a huge hit as no one had seen them before.
What an honor it was to see the looks of excitement on the faces of those attending.
We were also very excited to present the horses in front of management of the Houston Stock Show
as well as filming for Houston television event presentation.

Winston and his 2007 son, Brighton, in hand, really drew the crowd and cameras and videos !

Winston Winston
Brighton Brighton



Winston and his trainer stole the show with their Western riding and rope tricks and obstacle riding.

Winston Winston


Trevor and Lauren showed the versatility of English Riding.

Thank you Lauren for riding while I explained the breed to the audience.

The driving team of Lance and Trevor were a HUGE hit.

Thank you trainer for your professional driving ( and lookin' HOT in your top hat and tails ).

Two of our Gypsy babies to be petted and loved on by all,
 cattle judging, cutouts for photos and a great time was had by all !

Cattle judging competition - prizes were awarded to those who did the best job.


A LARGE crowd was introduced to our breed.
We were asked about exporting by people from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and many others.
What a wonderful and historical opportunity this was !

If you have never been, you need to visit George Ranch in Richmond, Texas


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