A Wizards Spell Kensington
Amazing Stallion
GHRA # B419 - 15 hands
Imported from England by me as a youngster.
Always lived at this ranch making beautiful foals year after year.
Son of Chief    DOB 6-10-2003

WHY, WHY, WHY would anyone in their right mind
 sell this amazing horse ??!!??!!
See far below after photos....... pricing info there too.

Reserve Grand Champion

at Gypsy Horse World Show at Fort Worth Stock Show

He is a gentle, calm, easy to handle, fun stallion.
He pasture breeds his mares and takes great kind care of his awesome foals.

You can see ALL of his foals by going to the page that says "History of Past Foals"
and scroll through each year to see his gorgeous babies.......
and they are !

He is EASY and a joy to own.

He is gentle and kind even in our Veteran therapy program.

He's a gorgeous model too  :) ..... Artwork by Dorota Kudyba.
He is a FUN stallion and lets us mess with him with Santa and other things.

He lives outside and almost never uses his shelter.  Again, he's really easy.

He's been used as a breeding stallion and really not ridden.
But......look what happened the first time he was ridden.
I'm sure he will be just fine if that is what you want. 
He isn't spooky about ANYTHING.


WHY WHY WHY would I ever sell him ??!!
I don't really want to, but in all fairness to my boys,
I just imported a MINI Gypsy Cob stud from Ireland.

I'm not changing my breeding program, I LOVE my normal size Gypsies.
But I am adding a very few MINI Gypsies to my breeding program.
I already have three amazing World Show Champion Studs.
The arrival of Dream Boy (above) will make FOUR stallions.
I don't have enough room and I don't have enough mares for FOUR boys.
Choosing which of my other three would find a new home has led to heartache......
but it needs to be done to be fair to them.
I will be buried with Winston, and Worthington makes me blue eyed foals.
Kensington is TALLER than the other two so the decision was made.

He will ONLY go to a VERY GOOD FIT ranch.
He is a doll baby and deserves no less.

PRICE.......the big question.......
Wrong thing to say, but the $$ is less important
 than the fact that he goes to the RIGHT home.

I am in no rush for him to be gone......by Spring is fine.
Or now.
I will finance over a fairly long period of time if necessary.

Call me at 817-297-9292  or email me your number and a good time to call.

We finance and teach all you need to know.   And accept credit cards.

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