Snowball Express - Dec. 2 - Fort Worth Stockyards

On December 2 over 2,000 people from all over the U.S.
descended on the Fort Worth Stockyards for the Snowball Express event.

The mission of the Snowball Express organization is to create hope and memories
 for the children of our fallen military heroes who have died while serving our country since 9/11.
Tragedy brought these families who made the ultimate sacrifice together.

The Gypsy Horses of A Wizards Spell Ranch were proud to be a part of such a
heartwarming special event for these families.
We were also so very proud of the very young stock we took to this event
and their incredible behavior in the face of so much stimulation.

Sometimes I think they just know.........
This was sweet 2012 filly, Doozie's first trip away from the ranch. 
She is only seven months old and couldn't have been better behaved or kinder to everyone.
If you can't read the wording......I hear voices in my head and wrote
from Doozie " Hey, Mom, we blend right in! "
from Linda  " Quiet, They don't know we are here....."

 BIG crowd indeed !


We let the kids (and adults) into the pen to brush and pet each horse. 
Everyone had a great time meeting the Gypsies and there were smiles all around.


Her parents arrived at our ranch from England, but sweetie filly Doozie is a TRUE AMERICAN !

The funny part is that the big horses snorted at Doozie, not the other way around.


Also in attendance were Eric & Christie and their two amazing geldings, Waverly and Halston.
This was also the first time away from home for them (the horses, not Eric & Christie) and
they were amazingly calm, quiet, and sweet to the families. ( again, the horses, not Eric & Christie:).
Santa "dropped in" (literally),  planes overhead, popping balloons, loud noises, what a party....and what sweet quiet horses.
We also brought our driving cart and fun hats and antlers for everyone to take family photos.   Another big hit.

Doozie was "practicing" for her future driving career.    No, she's not hooked up :)
And thank you Stephanie for all of your help all day.
We can't thank enough Kristin Jaworski, Trail Boss,  and the Drovers from The Fort Worth Herd
for getting the panels together and the water for our horses.
Kristin is always there for us and we are truly grateful.

LOVE this picture of Christie and Halston.
As always, we can never express the gratitude for our dear friend and photographer who
selflessly comes to our events and shoots for us, Gail Finger.      214-288-0248
 She can also shoot your equine events as well as taking videos.

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