State Fair of Texas 2013

What a fun couple weekends we had being invited to participate in this prestigious Texas event.
The crowds were entertained by the Gypsy Horses as many had never seen them before.

Linda loves Winston :)

In between performances we let them run free.  Sometimes that drew as big or bigger a crowd than our performances.
How can the look of free running young Gypsy Horses with the big manes and tails not pull you in to watch.

Even Winston took a turn or two to roam free.  Always drawing a very big crowd to watch him move.

We talked about the breed's origin and characteristics.  We did demonstrations.  And we introduced general equine trivia.


Vicki and Michael brought their two boys, Bromley and Yardley.

Devon brought her mare, Windemere

Linda brought one of her stallions, Winston, and two yearling fillies, Doozie and Arabella.

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