2006 FOALS 
What a Phenomenal Baby Year !!

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A Wizards Spell Winstons Abundanza
aka Abby
Born 4-8-06 to Azure and Winston
Black and White 

First WINSTON filly ever !!

Credit Cards & Financing Plans

SOLD - Now living in Florida

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A Wizards Spell Winstons Daphne
aka Daphne

Born 5-2-06 to Ashby and Winston
Black and White and looks just like Dad !
That filly we all breed for !
Born at 2 PM.

Daphne is Sold and living in Oklahoma
with Pete and Rachel.

Credit Cards & Financing Plans

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A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Stately
aka Stately
Born 5-17-06 to Lottie and Kensington

Finally a BOY baby born here after seven fillies.  And he is STUNNING !  He follows me around the yard in the first couple hours of being born.
Born at 7:00 AM.

Sold and living in North Texas with
Stephanie and Joe.

Credit Cards & Financing Plans

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A Wizards Spell Miss Serendipity
aka Sara     
Born 4-1-06 to Simone and Kensington
Bay with gorgeous blue eyes

SOLD & living in California
Congratulations to Ashley,Gail & Todd


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A Wizards Spell Winstons Roxie
aka Roxie
Born 5-8-06 to Felicity and Winston

There just are no words to truly describe
this filly.........phew.........but I do have to sell something or be called " The Collector" rather than "The Breeder". 

SOLD & lliving in California
Congratulations to Ashley, Gail & Todd !

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A Wizards Spell Winstons Fiona
aka Fiona  

Filly number FIVE this year !   Some stallions just seem to throw lots of girls.  

Fiona has TWO BLUE EYES !

Born 5-21-06 6:30 AM to Magdelana and Winston

SOLD & happily staying in Texas !
Congratulations to Ben, Glenn and Jennifer !
Ben's wonderful first horse !

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A Wizards Spell Winstons Barrington
aka Barry

Born 5-21-06 11:30 PM  to Desiree and Winston
WOW !! You will NOT believe the feather 
already on this baby !

SOLD and living in West Texas
Congratulations to Sue & Gary Niesen !

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