2010 Baby Silliness
We can ALWAYS count on the babies providing HOURS of entertainment.
There are few things more fun than a field of babies and all of their antics.
This page will obviously be added to over the months,
so please keep checking back to see who is outdoing who at being a hoot.
 Here's the starters :
Just like human babies, they have their mouths on everything.
Dartanian is three days old in these pictures and he clearly can't find the milk spigot on the tree.
Silly boy.

I have a compost/dirt pile in one of the pastures.
I also have a guy with a dump truck who loves to come pick it up for his fields.
But, I noticed the horses love to play "King of the Hill" on the pile.
So I decided to throw some seed and keep it for them to play on.
HA......look at Derby and Adair ( less than three weeks old in this picture )
playing on top of the pile......NO Mothers in site.
Proof once again of the value of a good playground....hahahaha
By the way, I doubt the seed I threw on it will grow with all the activity.  :)

Hiding from Mom is a favorite activity, right Adair.
Here comes Felicity, full speed and SCREAMING at him.
I'm SURE he will listen to her from now on......NOT !
 It's less than one month into the 2010 baby season....
STAY TUNED as we KNOW they will provide many many more photo ops for being silly.


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