A Wizards Spell Winstons Keighley
Amazing Filly Born 5-28-13 to A Wizards Spell Miss Magdelana and A Wizards Spell Sir Winston

This filly couldn't be anything but incredible as she is daughter of
Top Producing Mare AND Top Producing stallion in the World
as awarded at Gypsy Horse World Show.



She is 32 days old in photos below.
This filly was born with ATTITUDE.  But, she also is first to come up and SO sweet.
Her colors are SO striking but you also cannot miss her one blue specked eye with the white eyelashes.

So expressive and striking looking.
Silly mare and foal are in the back yard and want to get onto my back porch.
As a matter of fact, twice Keighley went through the small gate
as I didn't have it latched tight enough.  VERY carefully I encouraged her OFF the porch.
As with all of our foals, she is happily early halter trained as well as running around with her
"early saddle blanket"....so by the time she is actually carrying a saddle
she really won't be stressed about anything.      Clearly not stressed AT ALL.

 Below are six days old.   Attitude even then.

Keighley's Sire is A Wizards Spell Sir Winston
Winston is undefeated at the Gypsy Horse World Show TWO YEARS RUNNING

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