A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Madeley
  Sweet and Wonderful Filly born 3-31-13 to Shammie ( Dam ) and Kensington ( Sire )

Happy Easter morning.  In between the rain and mud comes a wonderful Easter blessing.
Great little turned in ears we all want and that beautiful white on her face.
She will have SO much feather considering who her parents are.    Welcome Madeley.
Madeley will be on the slightly taller side...compared to the others.

Madeley is as quiet and calm as they go.   She has had "saddle training" from birth like all others out here.
She does all the ground work carrying her saddle without so much as a blink.
We will begin actually sitting on her in a few days ( and she really won't care at all ).

Spin in the box...back up L...NO problem !   Quiet and calm and NO scaries anywhere.

Over the jump...same thing...doesn't care at all.   Been doing this since birth.
So calm...so gentle.....happy to be alive.  Loose lead...no pressure.
Check out that MANE and FEATHER on this two year old....phew !

Pics below from 12-4-13


Madeley baby pics below:
 A Wizards Spell Miss Shammie (Madeley's Mom) is the first Gypsy Horse filly born in Texas.
Of COURSE I had to keep her ......So glad I did as you can see.
The PEANUT GALLERY looking on and saying " Who is THAT ?!" 
Madeley Newborn Video HERE

 Her proud and amazing Sire, A Wizards Spell Kensington.
Reserve Grand Champion at Gypsy Horse World Show at Fort Worth Stock Show.
No wonder she is so awesome ! 


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