A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Bellamy
2014 Filly - Daughter of Reserve Grand Champion Stallion

Beautiful Wilemina decided that bringing her daughter with Kensington into this world on 4-13-14
during the stormiest times would be a good idea.  She also decided I should get up at 4:30 am.
But for a gorgeous mare like this I'll get up any time !
This will be one of our taller mares which she gets from both Mom and Dad.

She will be heading to Tom O'Carroll of Good Hands Training Center,
renowned Champion Driving Trainer,
for Driving Training this Fall.

"Saddle training" begins at birth here.  But she is also now ready to ride.
She is as QUIET and CALM as they go.  Never a buck or any disagreement.


Yes, she is dirty after our recent rains, but we wanted to post a few newer photos.
You can see her "clean" photos far below.
She is 14.2 hands October 2016 and a wonderful CHUNKY big-boned Gypsy mare
with TONS of feather, mane SO long, and FULL heavy tail.
Which she gets from both her parents.

Helper Mandy is in these two photos so you can see height.
And her BIG BONED "true Cob" size. 
They don't come any sweeter.  She will follow you around without being asked.

That's a LOT of mane on a youngster.
And it will only grow more as she matures since she gets this from BOTH of her parents.

This is likely one of the most gentle mares we've had.
She is kind, sweet, smart, not ever pushy
 except perhaps to put her head on your shoulder when you walk into the pasture.
Everything about her screams "TRUE PROPER COB".
She's also a hoot funny.
"Clean" pictures will come soon.
Until then, enjoy these right up from the muddy pasture.


Younger pictures

Happy to follow helper through obstacles.

Younger pics but even earlier was all about performance.

Showing off with her Mother looking on.

Pictures of both parents below.

Baby pics :

These are some dirty muddy pictures at one day old..... but you can't hide wonderful !
Her second day on this earth and she is already high stepping over the obstacles...and then apparently decided to nap there too.

Wilemina is such as awesome BIG hair mare....and always has a fun mustache.

Sire of this awesome filly is
A Wizards Spell Kensington, Reserve Grand Champion Stallion at Gypsy Horse World Show.

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