A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Bianca
2014 Mare - Daughter of Reserve Grand Champion Stallion
Such a flashy filly from Cumbria and Kensington born morning of April 1 but certainly no April Fool's joke here.
She has her Mother's show-offy attitude and deservedly so.  Such a great head shape and coloring.

Bianca is one of the MOST STRIKING color pattern horses out here.
She gets it from her Mother, Cumbria, who always throws the jaggedy-edged pattern.
Hard to see it with her winter coat, but she is a huge standout as far as coloring.
Conformation of course is first, but she has that hands down.
Smart, cooperative, athletic, and sweet also.

Bianca measured 12.3 hands ( 51" ) on December 11, 2017
She is a smaller mare.


She's a smaller mare.... I'm 5'2" for perspective.

Happy to do what all horses here do - pedestal, over jumps, trailer loads, over barrels
and everything else.

Ready to go show.

Ask me..............  817-297-9292

Younger pictures
This gorgeous filly already knows how to "strike a pose" and we didn't teach it to her.
She's just a natural !

Younger pics

Enjoy her baby pics here too.
Of course this is one of those fillies that makes their Mother crazy by leading rather than following.
Funny baby girl...making Cumbria chase her round to keep an eye on her.

She's just all kinda WOW !    And she knows it too. 

Sire of this awesome filly is
A Wizards Spell Kensington, Reserve Grand Champion Stallion at Gypsy Horse World Show.


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