2014 Foals
(They're listed in order of their birthdates.)

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A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Slaney
SUCH a sweet and petite filly born 3-23-14 overnight to Simone and Worthington.
She tricked me by arriving early so there she was in the pasture with her Mom
.....and all of the other " Moms and Aunts" keeping an eye on her for me until I got there.

Slaney's page - click HERE

A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Bianca
Such a flashy filly from Cumbria and Kensington born morning of April 1 but certainly no April Fool's joke here.
She has her Mother's show-offy attitude and deservedly so.  Such a great head shape and coloring.
Of course this is one of those fillies that makes their Mother crazy by leading rather than following.
Funny baby girl...making Cumbria chase her round to keep an eye on her.

Bianca's page - click HERE

A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Dansie
WOW !  Another amazing filly born 4-4-14 to Azure IZ and Worthington.
Such a nice mare.  Waited till I got back with groceries, got them inside the house,
and THEN gave me her filly at 5:00 pm.  Such a cooperative mare.  I had a good night's sleep.

Dansie's page - click HERE  

A Wizards Spell Winstons Caledonia
Felicity had her awesome filly 4-6-14.
The Felicity and Winston combination has produced some of the TOP showing boys in the nation.
( Brighton, Adair, Waverly to name a few ).  This time she gave us that elusive filly.
She waited for the LOUD thunder and rain to start coming to have her in the pasture at 7:00 am.
Why?     She isn't "next".

Caledonia's page - click HERE 

A Wizards Spell WinstonsTelary
Ashby and Winston gave me a gorgeous filly at 5:30 am 4-8-14
Everyone knows the best kept secret around the ranch is who is my "favorite".
I love them all, but Winston and I have a particular bond.
And the morning of 4-8-14 brought me a one of a kind
joy to my heart.
This filly is a Winston " mini-me " !  I almost cried with joy !


Telary's page - click HERE 

A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Bellamy
Beautiful Wilemina decided that bringing her daughter with Kensington into this world on 4-13-14
during the stormiest times would be a good idea.  She also decided I should get up at 4:30 am.
But for a gorgeous filly like this I'll get up any time !
This will be one of our taller fillies based on the length of her legs which she gets from both Mom and Dad.
Bellamy's page - click HERE

A Wizards Spell Winstons Grantham
There's my boy for the year.  All girls before !  Maybe they will beat him up in the pasture later
.....or he will be in heaven ...... ha ha
Desiree and Winston gave me this wonderful colt at 9:00 pm  4-18-14.
Monitor went off and POOF he arrived.....I ran and he almost arrived in the world before I could run the few feet out there.
And OH...he is SO cool looking !   And of course sweet as can be...like his Mother and Father.
Grantham's page - click HERE

All done for 2014 !   Now the real fun starts .......yeah !


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