A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Slaney
2014 Filly
SUCH a sweet and petite filly born 3-23-14 overnight to Simone and Worthington.
She tricked me by arriving early so there she was in the pasture with her Mom when I went out early morning.
.....and all of the other " Moms and Aunts " keeping an eye on her for me until I got there.

She is definitely BLACK and WHITE.... pictures just show her " baby wrapper coat"...she will shed to Black and White.


Pics below at a few days old.

This filly was born with " look at me " written all over her from birth.
She's upright and carries herself like a little show horse.  If I ignore her she comes over and pushes on me with her muzzle.
And she's only a week old in these photos.
Sweet as can be, but she does know she's PRETTY ! 
The crowd gathers to welcome her.

There is no way this filly could be anything but amazing.
Her Mother ( left ) A Wizards Spell Sweet Simone has the most amazing looks and temperament which she will teach to her daughter.
Simone is our only mare with bay pinto coloring and stunning blue eyes and she is half sister to
A Wizards Spell Sir Winston, who was two years running Top Producing Stallion in the World at the Gypsy Horse World Show.

A Wizard Spell Worthington ( right ), her Father, was Top Producing Stallion in the World at the Gypsy Horse World Show.
With these genetics behind her, Slaney can only be among the best of  the best.

New born pics here:

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