A Wizards Spell Winstons Telary
Ashby gave me her filly 5:30 the morning of 4-8-14.
She's not just another filly, she is a Winston "mini-me" !
There is such joy in my heart over this daughter of Winston.
Such a sweet head and unbelievable conformation already !
Yes, she is for sale, but oh.....someone who will know and understand what this filly's future will be.


This amazing mare has been professionally driving trained
by the legendary Tom O'Carroll of Good Hands Training Center.
She has also been a part of pour Veteran therapy program from day one.

She is also a very small 50" tall !
Oh, this sweet girl !
We will be very very particular where she goes.
Only a loving home that will USE her.


This mare takes my breath away.  SO much feather and mane.
She gets it from both parents.


Slightly older pictures as a yearling.....OH...this AMAZING Filly !! 

Older picture having a ball playing with Grantham, half brother, gelding.

She is a big part of our equine therapy program for our veterans but we have others
and her sale can contribute to funds we need to continue the program.
This is Telary at State Fair of Texas with our Veterans.

With Dad at State Fair if Texas.

Pics below at one day old.
 Crazy kid....one day old and outside now running like cRaZy !
Ashby finally quit chasing her and now she is just looking over her shoulder every minute to keep eyes on her.

About Winston, the Dad.
Newborn Telary........in the barn.
You can debate ad infinitum about what ties horses have with each other and what they do and don't know.
I got a full dose of it this morning.
Ashby was up in the barn all night and away from Winston.  He wasn't thrilled that I took his girlfriend away, but he did settle when he couldn't see her.
However, AFTER the baby was born ( and remember he can't see them at all and they are quite a distance away )
all he has done is pace up and down and talk and talk and call to them.
Remember he can't see them and Ashby isn't speaking to him.      He KNOWS.


And he is making me tired just watching.  :)

With a Sire like A Wizards Spell Sir Winston this filly's future is etched in stone.

Winston for two years running was Top Producing Stallion in the World at the Gypsy Horse World Show !

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So we make these awesome babies available to you.

Come join the fun !

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