We welcome new buyers, Gary and Julie
.......and thank Tyler
In the depth of the relentless rains and MUD,
 we welcomed Gary and his son Tyler to the ranch for a visit.
  We are particularly proud as Tyler is serving our country as a Navy fighter pilot
and likely soon to be deployed.   Be safe Tyler.
See full size image
We also thank A Wizard Spell Worthington for being such a sweet stallion
and bringing joy to Tyler's visit.
Yes, Tyler is TALL.
 Gary and Julie are now the proud owners of two A Wizard Spell fillies.
 In the depth of all the mud Gary announced he was also a photographer.
Not good timing since the horses are all happy but FILTHY MUDDY !
Gary didn't care so we turned them loose.
Enjoy Gary's awesome photos.    And check back when the horses are clean again one day....ha ha
Are these horses FLYING ?!
 Thanks for sharing your skills Gary.
Enjoy Darcie and Kalliopi.


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