Herd Moves the Ball in Unison

Some people don't think horses are smart or communicate.
I know they are wrong but today had an amazing opportunity to see it in action yet again.

A Counselor friend from www.Surmounters.com was out visiting and
asked about putting the big red ball over the fence and into the back pastures with a large part of the herd.
I told her the young ones would likely play with it, but not the older ones.

So she dropped the ball over the fence.

What happened next amazed even me. 

Drop through the photos and see.

No one ran away and all seem to be ready to play.

Lance laid on the ball so hard it slid out from under him and he dropped to the ground. 
Silly boy.  Don't worry, he's fine.

Next thing I know they are moving the ball down towards the back pasture as a group........weird.
Who told them to do that ?  How did they make a plan ?

As a group they are pushing the ball UP hill and towards the open gate to take it all the way out back.
Horses don't do that !

They are literally pushing it UP hill and towards the open gate to take it outback.
That involves a LOT of thinking and coordination.

Taking turns pushing it towards the open gate.
Remember that no one is making them do this.  They came up with this on their own.

Lance and Trevor, my two geldings, leading the way right through the open gate.
And also shirking responsibility of having to push anymore  :)

Almost there !

Uhhhhh....WAIT a minute !  So busy watching them it finally occurred to me that they are pushing that ball down to the pond !
I better go get it back before I can't reach it.........sheesh......
I THINK they were laughing at me because they were able to make me run to go get it and take it back to the barn.

Out back chillin'

Seriously.....how SMART and COORDINATED was this herd !!