Holiday Wishes and Happy Horses

‘Twas two days before Christmas
The shopping was done
Got steaks and shrimp
And egg nog for fun.

Preparations are finished
All work is through
Now is the time
For the fun thing to do.

The horses are standing
All lined at the gate.
There’s mud and big water
The pond, they can’t wait.

A chance for the herd to go
Buck, roll, and run.
Nothing like water
To invite lots of fun.

Yes, they’re show ponies
If you can’t tell from here
They get to get muddy
This time of the year.

So Happy Holiday
And go Deck the Halls
Warm wishes from Linda
And all her MUDBALLS !

Happy running herd two days before Christmas.
Trevor having a fine ole' romp after
getting in the pond.

Lance is always happy to join Trevor in anything to do with dirt.

More pond fun and run.

Pemberly and Andrew are sold to the Becks and going home to Houston in a few days.
Whatever you do, don't show them these pictures of their happy DIRTY babies
or they might want some of their money back.   :)
Andrew                                                                              Pemberly
I think Pemberly is saying     "But I kept my face clean while I was rolling."
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