Marvelous Mares On Vacation

After the Gypsy Horse World Show Darby and Gabriella took a little vacation from training.
Their owners, Debby and Marty in Oklahoma, let them take their vacation
where they were born, back at the ranch here in Burleson.
Soon they will leave to join their new training adventure, but in the meantime,
look at their very fun run today running free.
A Wizards Spell Winstons Darby with all four feet off the ground !
What a STUNNINGLY beautiful mare.
A Wizards Spell Winstons Gabriella also showing her stuff.
Man oh Man...they were having a BALL !
 WOW....gorgeous Darby.....with Gabby not far behind.
Now Gabby's leading the pack.
We're very honored to have them back for a visit.
And their old buddies were happy to see them.

When they were done playing they just came over and made faces at me.  :)


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