A WINDY Springtime Pond Day in Texas
 A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Bailey, our three year old gelding.
has been sold to Bob & Sandy and he is soon heading to Iowa.
That makes me very happy as they are very nice people.
That also makes me sad as he is SO awesome !
But......I hear the voices saying "You CANNOT keep them ALL  !"
I know, I know....but I'd LIKE to.
 In order to send him home in "top performing condition", he is being ridden often
before they come pick him up.
 On this beautiful WINDY Spring day one of our trainers
took him for a ride through the pond.
All the other guys joined in too......they never want to miss a party.
Yeah, my camera was right there in my hand.
 Notice he is three and riding with NO bit.   Good boy, Bailey.
Splashing up a storm.    Maybe they are "helping".
" Hey, wait for us ! "
  Here's a fun video of the ride too on YouTube


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