The Historic Fort Worth Stockyards
Five days before Christmas 2010
How could we resist a gorgeous 72 degree day in December !
Down to the Stockyards to expose the young horses to people, cars, and activity
before the young ones experience the excitement of the crowds
at the Fort Worth Stock Show last weekend in January.

Linda brought Adair, the weanling colt and Gary Wilson brought his two yearling fillies, Kalli and Darcie.


It's a "quiet" Monday in the Stockyards.....we thought no one would be there.  HA!
Adair is busy meeting and greeting the crowd in his first big day away from the ranch.
What a GOOD boy......not afraid at all.
Adair watching and learning with his trainer, Kendall.

Adair & Kendall, Darcie & Gary, Kalliopi & Ricky .......all ready for the rodeo !
Adair is watching the Longhorns making their way down Exchange ...   as they do every day, twice a day.
HIs "cow sense" is kicking in :)
Adair was in his element and what a fabulous Winston son.
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