Bailey - He SHOOTS - He SCORES !
As we prepare for Bailey's new owners, Bob and Sandy, to take him to Iowa,
we are working him and enjoying our last few days of having him here on our ranch.
Bailey has just turned three years old in these photos as he does his ranch and trail versatility.
King of the Hill and up and down the trails.
It's a nice view up there :)
 Okay time to kick it up a notch.
Let's play with the soccer ball and see what happens.
Hold on trainer so you don't get bucked THAT would ever happen.
Check it out with the cavelettis first.
No problem.

Move it down the fence line.     Check.
He's got it......kick that ball !

Nose AND knees !   This is FUN stuff !
Bailey is doing this all himself.....note the slack reins.
Uh-oh......Trevor wants to join the team.
We'll keep you posted on future scores.  :)


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