Cuttin' Up   or   "I ain't afraid of no stinkin' cows !"

The versatility of the breed continues to be demonstrated over and over again.

Winston, and his 2007 son, Brighton, had a wonderful afternoon
Cutting and Roping and Working Cows in the arena at the
Ponder Feed Store.
We thank them for letting us use their facility.

The inimitable Winston having fun.  There will never be another !


Ropin' .  Winston is on 'em.

Can you hear this steer saying   " WHAT is THAT ?!"

Like Son **  Like Father.
Brighton and Winston

In the photos below, please remember that this is Brighton's FIRST DAY working cattle. 
 And, he is only 24 months old.  GOOD BOY.
Debby and Marty should be SO proud of this wise purchase.

Brighton's on it !  

Winston and his son, Brighton.
You just can't fight genetics !