Old Dog - New Tricks
We love our time spent "trick training" our foals which is really just fun bonding time.
Their minds are busy and they are stimulated in a happy way.
 But........a funny thing happened the other day.
 One of our very favorite bred mares is Felicity, ten years old, pregnant for April 2011,
and winner of "Produce of Dam" at Gypsy Horse World Show.
Meaning TOP producing mare in the WORLD !
 We brought her up to re-braid her LONG mane.
Then had to walk her through the backyard and past the pedestal we use for the babies.
 Check out this TEN YEAR OLD MARE ( big, fat, currently bred ) on her first time to get on the pedestal.
Listen to what she is saying......yes, I hear voices :)
" Look how I can get the owner to get up on the pedestal.   I do good work training humans around here."
" Hey you kids.......are you watching me ?!"
" Okay, two feet up.   Don't mess my hair."
" All four up....what do I have to do to get APPLAUSE around here ?! "

" How about THIS ?!     You happy NOW ?! "

" This is my best side if you want autographed photos. "
Thanks to Sue DeLaurentis and Allen Pogue of www.ImagineAHorse.com for sharing the same ideas and ideals
for training our horses.   Check out their website for awesome training videos.


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