A Wizards Spell Miss Felicity

A Wizards Spell Miss Felicity this 2000 mare drives, has two blue eyes and an awesome face.   
She drives and rides like the wind.   Imported from England.
And as icing on the cake, she gave us the MOST AMAZING 2005 filly, Tazmania, 
with the help of Winston, which of course we kept for our breeding program.
Then in 2006 Felicity and Winston gave us the STUNNING filly, Roxie, 
who now lives in California with the Bolger family.
   And...then, in 2007 sweet Felicity gave us what might be one of the best babies
we've ever had ( with the help of Winston again of course), in Brighton.
And of course she is bred that way again for 2008. 
What a JOY an incredible and reliable producing mare is !!


2007 Foal - Winstons Brighton

Click on Photo for more Brighton Info

2006 Foal - Winstons Roxie

Roxie now living in Cal. with the Bolgers

2005 Foal - Tazmania

Taz is now in our breeding program


Felicity in England

Felicity in England


In spite of the many requests, sorry, there is NOTHING you can offer to pry this mare
from our breeding program !    Enjoy her foals.


Of course we must also thank WINSTON for his part in these foals.  Good job, Dad !

Winston in all his glory....

Winston lovin' life !

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