Fort Worth Stock Show Parade

Over 100,000 people line the streets of downtown Fort Worth to begin the celebration of
the Fort Worth Stock Show.   Our Gypsy Horses were invited to join them.
WOW, the crowd LOVED them !

Look at all the people !
My friend Pam and Ella from NCHA, and David from England,
all helped at the parade.  You can't see me because I'm driving :)

Linda holding Lance standing next to Lyn Jenkin's mare and stallion team.
 It's in January so wind and cold.    Downtown in the background.

Our Gypsy team of Lance and Trevor
following the other team carrying the registry banner.

Lots of layers of clothing so I look like a little piglet.
But I don't care because it was COLD.
Our Gypsy Horse team, Lance and Trevor,
and Linda and David, trainer in from England.
Goofy Trevor was bored waiting for our turn and
kept trying to eat the fringe on my jacket.
He only got one.