Tatum Babies Go Home

I'm often asked why some horses sell quicker than others.
The answer is simple.
Although I raise these amazing babies from carefully hand picked
imported foundation breeding stock with the intention of selling them,
I am very selective about where they go.

Our babies are worked with from birth and learn all the necessary skills
 both verbally, body language, and through hand signals. 
They learn trailer loading, manners, not to be afraid, how to stand for showing.

So when they are sold and finally go home, it is a challenging day
making sure their new owners are well informed and the horses are
comfortable and happy in their new home.

When Bill and Becky Tatum took their three babies home, it was CLEAR
that the horses could not have been in better hands or at a better place !
Congrats Bill and Becky and watch out for them in the show ring !

Off they run in their new pasture.
From left, fillies Simfony, Chloe, and their future husband, Windsor

The Tatums also own a Mini named Star.
There was a small adjustment period as he welcomed his "new herdmates".

Star saying "Hey, wait for me !"
I can hear him saying that, can't you.  Or is it those voices in my head again. :)

Becky and the happy new herd of Possibilities Ranch.
How aptly named.


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