A Wizards Spell Sir Winston

 On this beautiful Summer day, Sir Winston and his girlfriend, bred mare Miss Ashby,
entertained and impressed us with their running and showing off antics.

Luckily, Gail Finger, our artist and photographer friend,
www.TexasEquineArtistry.com ,  needed to try out her new camera lens.
Enjoy the results.

Even braided and not bathed the amazing beauty
and strength of this breed shine through.

Phew, he's just gorgeous.
 Even just living in the pasture.

Winston running with his girlfriend, Ashby.  OH, the feather !  Even dirty.

The BIG and gentle eye of this stallion is
passed on to his offspring.

It just doesn't get any better than this.
Well, maybe our other boys Kensington and Worthington might not agree.

( Where you can also see more pictures of Ashby that fun Summer day )