The Cowtown Coliseum in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards
hosted the First Annual Gypsy Horse Extravaganza on Saturday, Nov. 14.

Wow, over 3,000 people filled the Cowtown Coliseum and the holding area
between the Coliseum and Billy Bobs on Nov. 14 to come see, photograph,
and learn about the Gypsy Horses.  

This was an event put on by Linda Brown, owner of A Wizards Spell Ranch,
for the new and older owners of offspring of her breeding program
to come share their pride in their horses
as well as learn and practice showing and preparing their horses for public events.

Three professional trainers joined us to help the participants learn.

Eighteen Gypsy Horses were in attendance of varying ages and experience
to learn and have hands on assistance from the above trainers.

The crowd was thrilled with the one on one opportunity to pet the horses, meet the owners
and watch the horses perform and meet the owners.

What an awesome day !!
It is GOOD to be a buyer from A Wizard Spell Ranch.
A breeder who will ALWAYS have your back and make sure you succeed !

( Many more photos will be added in the next few days, but here is a small preview below )
Photography by Gail Finger,     Gail is available for your ranch shoots too.  We love her !

Practicing and learning about halter showing as the public watched and learned too.
Trainers teach harnessing and driving
 to the public and then take Brighton
 driving down Exchange Avenue.
QUITE a public draw dontcha think.  :)
Owners and horses learning and practicing how to handle "Obstacles" for a trail class at any horse show.

Trainer demonstrating how to train for "Obstacles" to the owners and the public.
Windsor shows owner Bill the "dainty" way
to go over a jump.  
Just put your pretty toe over it gently first.
Windsor is young :)
Trainer teaching Simfony's owner
 how to show at halter.
Nice one on one with professional trainer !

Trainer and Brighton for public training and photo ops.
Always a big hit...both of them  !

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