Byron and Dabney First Saddle Day

Oh, how fun it is to be a yearling at A Wizards Spell Ranch.
You get petted, loved on, and then eventually you will carry a saddle.
Okay, we're not riding a yearling, but it's never too soon for them to get used to the sensation.

Below are photos of that day for Byron and Dabney,
the perfectly matched pair of boys and future driving team.

Along with what I am sure I heard them thinking and saying to each other.  :)

This wonderful pair is

Sweet yearling boy, Byron, and his first ever saddle.
Clearly he is stressed....NOT.

Here comes his buddy, Dabney, to offer assistance.

Dabney is offering his help by doing a close inspection
and deciding what to do next.

Decision made.   This thing is for licking.
Wake up Byron, you are in training with a "scary saddle"....hhhhmmmmm

This is yummy, not scary at all.


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