An Amazingly Fun Day
 in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards
With "The Herd"

How blessed we were to be allowed the rare opportunity to get photos of Brighton,
Winston's son, and his trainer with the cowboys and cowgirls of the "Fort Worth Herd"
in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards.
We are also very grateful to herd boss, Kristin, for this special opportunity
to be a part of this event preserving Fort Worth's rich Western Heritage.

 Brighton is an amazing boy.
Remember in these photos he is a 2.5 year old stallion !

GOOD boy, Brighton


Head 'em out

Up the ramp and out to the road to an anxiously waiting public.

" The Standoff "
Brighton's on it.

Thank you Kristin and the cowboys and cowgirls of "The Herd" for an awesome time !
We are SO grateful for this once in a lifetime experience.

"The Herd" ready to go.


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