"Trailer Training"

I've owned many breeds of horses before the Gypsies so I know what can go wrong.
It's two weeks till the Gypsy Horse Extravaganza and it's been raining constantly.
So, my "training" of the babies is falling behind and I'm getting stressed.
I REALLY don't want any trouble the morning of the event as far as trailer loading.
So, between bouts of rain, I opened the door to the trailer and went back to barn cleaning.
As soon as I am done cleaning I will start "practicing loading" with them.

Ha, they have their OWN ideas.

That's Mersey, the weanling, in the trailer with the two yearling boys
inviting everyone else in.
" Come on, there's room for EVERYONE ! "

Mersey says " Okay, I'm done.  Time for whoever is next.
It's EASY.  Just JUMP right in and out."

Byron, the yearling, is making sure
everyone had a turn.

"Okay, my work is done.  These babies
learned pretty quickly."
"Yes, I AM only a yearling, but I taught all the babies.
Where's my reward ?"


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