It's a CIRCUS Around Here !
The intelligence of the Gypsy Horses is proven over and over again.
Okay, I DO work with mine from the day they are born, but still.....
if they didn't want to...and they didn't have the basic intelligence in place,
they wouldn't do the things I ask.

Byron and Dabney are 26 month old geldings in these photos.

They were born one week apart and have been "buddies" since birth.
Their driving training will begin when I am done having fun teaching them tricks and riding.....any minute now.  :)

Dabney just stands there with no one holding him.
HAPPY to pose for the camera. 
He does this pedestal stance with the word STEP....
or just when you point to the pedestal.

Dabney will assume this pose with the word UP.
And he will stand there till you tell him to come off.
Notice no one is holding him as his lead is just on the ground.
 He will also turn around on the pedestal, hoof over hoof, like a Dressage horse.
Someone should use him for that !

 So Byron doesn't want to be outdone.....he will do HIS pedestal work with his saddle on.
And, yes, he will stand there till you tell him to come off.


.......oh oh.........or till someone walks by with a feed bucket....
Can you just SEE him stressing out over whether to stay there or go follow the bucket ?!
But, sweet boy stayed there.


I love this picture. 
His trainer/helper decided to see how he'd feel about doing this with a rider.

This is only his SECOND TIME to have a rider on his back !
He was announcing to the world how awesome he was.     Can you hear him ?!

................and all the way UP.......Not fact, I think he might be sleeping. :)
And now, as a reminder....these boys are TWO YEARS OLD in these pictures  !!
We did have an " unimpressed" supervisor at our training session.

 I added these photos so you can see that nothing
sPoOkS or distracts the horses.


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