Tricky Trevor
Thank you Sue DeLaurentis of for her patience and skills
in training A Wizards Spell Trevor to be all he can be.

Although I have Trevor with Sue, you can do this yourself with videos from
Allen Pogue & Sue DeLaurentis' website above.
Pedestal and salute...good boy Trevor.
Isn't he a smarty........thanks Sue !
GREAT side passing !    --   BOTH directions

Awesome canter too !    Three feet off the ground at the same time.
 Working on our BOW too !   Yeah !

One small note, I NEVER....repeat NEVER....send my horses off to a trainer.
I do it myself or supervise the training here at the ranch.   I don't trust " just anyone".
But I want to take this moment to truly thank Sue DeLaurentis, and Allen Pogue, of Imagine A Horse in Dripping Springs, Tx.
for giving Trevor as much love and care as I would if he was here at the ranch.  for your video opportunities to make your horse this incredible too.


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