Tricky Trevor
Thank you Gail Finger of for your terrific equine photography, as always.
There are few things more fun than a great smart Gypsy Horse gelding.
I have two that I am keeping, Trevor and Lance, that are not for sale at ANY cost.
( I mention this as the requests to purchase them are constant. )

( I do have Byron and Dabney available ( unless already sold )  - see FOR SALE PAGE )
Trevor is half of my driving pair with Lance and a WAY fun trail riding horse.
But it was time to kick it up a notch and see how he would do with trick training.
So off he went to the incredible Sue DeLaurentis of Imagine A Horse

Sue had him only barely four weeks and we took him to a clinic to show some quick "how to train" techniques.
Enjoy the photos.
And then know you can also do this yourself by getting the videos from Sue
Look at that HIGH step !   And yes, he does it with BOTH legs.
Remember, he's only been in training with Sue about FOUR WEEKS !
Sue wanted to work him at liberty but all that fresh green "never eaten by a horse" grass
would have been a distraction so he's in a halter.
Note the crowd enjoying him too along with Sue's careful and clear instructions.
( Just like in her videos)

I just LOVE this horse.
 Kickboard - learning to pick up our feet on command.
Wanna learn more ?
Yep, get the videos and you can do it yourself.
Trevor is picking up the Frisbee.......and yes, he will give it to Sue.  :)
Sometimes Sue tries to teach Linda too.  She has better luck with Trevor.

Soon he will go around the pedestal with his back end up.   Stay tuned !

Check back as his training progresses.
Trevor loves his trainer.
I'm not jealous......too much.  :)

Linda's teaching "grooming"   ...  It's'll LOVE it......(per Tom Sawyer )
 "Anyone else wanna try it ?"
One small note, I NEVER....repeat NEVER....send my horses off to a trainer.
I do it myself or supervise the training here at the ranch.   I don't trust " just anyone".
But I want to take this moment to truly thank Sue DeLaurentis, and Allen Pogue, of Imagine A Horse in Dripping Springs, Tx.
for giving Trevor as much love and care as I would if he was here at the ranch.  for your video opportunities to make your horse this incredible too.


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