Winter 2009-2010
and the S N O W S  !!!!
Christmas Eve 2009 
Brrrrrrr.........C O L D, winds gusting to 40 mph, temps in 20's with wind chill into the teens.
Sheesh...this is TEXAS. 
BLASTING winds blowing ice and snow crystals.
Before you decide this is so cruel to those " poor horses ".......ha
They have a HUGE shelter with room for everyone off to the left just a few feet away.
And yet they prefer to stand out in it.
Again, confirmation of my favorite line " What would they do in the wild ? "

If you look real closely however you will notice that big brave stallion, Winston
is nicely tucked in with his girlfriend Ashby.    SMART boy.

Worthington prefers to turn his butt to the wind and use his round bale as a wind break too.
You can see how close his shelter is.  But he prefers chomping on his wind break.
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